polished stone / the still, smooth stone /the smoothest stone in the riverbed /

what parts feel dense?

I ask myself this question to find my fleshy form dissipate / I am now a stone cast into a river mindlessly, long ago / swaying / side to side / and sinking down / I have made my way to it’s bed / to find / that all stones have their perfect place / I will lay here with the others and in the currents we will tumble / bump heads and push past / our rough parts will grow smooth / polished, pristine / these waters magnify our brilliance / maybe one day someone’s thoughtful hand / will pick me up from among the rest / and they will say / how lovely and how unique / and think / you must have lived beneath these waters for an eternity / but I’d like to bring you to the surface with me.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

No prompt was used today, just a free write to catch up on posting! Annnnnd this is for day 3 (only yesterday), which means that I am caught up!

I’m super excited about today’s poem, using a very unique prompt. Thank you for reading. You can’t possibly know how much it means to me that anyone reads my words. Thank you times ten thousand.

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