we all go quiet

the ecstasy of doing caught me on guard
ah, finally, i jittered inside
as i plugged in the cord
to invite in the light

power had flickered, 1 2 3 
one, oh, no big deal
two, i’ll just mind my own 
three, it’s fine, just breathe…

and then four,
no more.
and then,

Even the birds cease their chirping.
did they notice us go quiet?
hear no human noise,
no speech, no music, or violence?

I love the eery, deafening silence brought forth by power outages. when the electric whirring of appliances and the buzzing of humanity quietens, just for a moment, as if to realize that we are the ones making all that noise. I part of me hopes for this each time a storm passes. just for the electricity to fail for a moment, that we may all pause and disconnect from the business electronic things fill our lives with. to reconnect with the silence, if only for a brief, slightly startling and strange moment.

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