Meeting in Space // Edvard Munch // 1899

I’ve got a hold on you
that I did not choose.

In complete transparency,
I do not know what to do.
Why it sticks in my mind,
like a stain in this timeline,
I cannot say.
I cannot comprehend
What this is,
This sticky trigger.
This holding pattern.
This cosmic link.

We’ll settle on karma.
Karma must be resolved to transcend suffering,
So how do we do it?
Or do I do it alone?
My future foretold in relationships passed,
Long fizzled out, stale, old,
A part of the curriculum, so I’m told.

A restlessness resides in my mind
As I try to untangle the issues
and make sense of why
I do the things that I do.
Can anyone help me find clarity?
Or do I do it alone?
My future foretold in relationships passed,
Resurfacing in fragmented memories,
I wash away my shame with love
and bandage grief with hope.
Love. Hope. Love. Hope.

Tin hearted memories, chemicals.
We fight incredibly through a hideous mish mash of inheritance,
forgiving for deeper stamina. That we go on, the world
always goes on, breaking us with its changes
until our form, exhausted, runs true

Joanne Kyger, Excerpt from ‘As Ever’

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