The Wave // Gustave Courbet // c. 1869

I am unaware, now, of the root of this torment
Making it hard to breathe and function
Tears leaking out with small movements
Trying to feel and listen to my body’s signals

Cries for relief unfamiliar to the mind
Hunger? Dehydration? Sadness?
Do I move? or find stillness and quiet?

Somehow both overstimulated and numb
One hundred and eight pounds of heavy bones and rushing blood,
Barricaded in the middle.

The higher power within me intervenes:

Ground down to earth, silly girl.
Let water flow with spirited breath.
Light a candle and contemplate
the combustible nature of your spirit.

Let the elements fill the voids and ignite your senses.
Leave false responsibility behind that door and let each rightful action feed your soul.
Allow heart container to fill and love to grow.

Your body craves what your mind cannot provide.
Do not think, categorize, intellectualize.
Filled with feelings you long to express,
And in divine timing you will.

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