a quiet place within
devoid of emotions
in the usual sense
of feeling quite intense

this place is small,
but vast and spacious
I am listening deeply
to anyone who speaks
or does not
and to my inner voices,

Green Field // Vincent van Gogh // 1889

detached from the critic,
the performer, the ego
who sometimes cries to be seen,
in a place of perceived

and I’m finding,
that spaciousness
and invisibility
feel very much the same
without the ego’s cries

I don’t care if I am seen
because I see myself,
vibrant, alive, and well,
in this quiet place within

Dearest one,

I hope you find the spaciousness inside, whether in company or in solitude. I hope the observer within hears all the inner voices of your soul and smiles, free of the drama they sometimes concoct, when the spacious place grows quiet, bringing you peace. It is always there and you hold the key.


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