Suffering is Grace

Within the spiritual journey you understand that suffering becomes something that has been given to you to show you where your mind is still stuck. It’s a vehicle to help you go to work. That’s why it’s called grace.
– Baba Ram Dass

oh, my bleeding heart
quivering in pain
at the suffering of the world
head hung in shame

if only I could feel away the sorrows
of all of the other bleeding hearts
then, I would find peace
in my chamber of sorrow

in my mausoleum of suffering
echos of saintly whispers
softly speak;

the world has known suffering
since the dawn of time
it is what makes grace
the ultimate condition humans seek

grace is
the humbling lull of devastation
trust within dissolution
peace amidst chaos
love without conditions

for all Souls
who walk
have walked
will walk
the Earth we all call home

Angel of the Divine Presence Bringing Eve to Adam // William Blake // 1803
Hamsa Damayanti //
Raja Ravi Varma // Circa 1910

I wrote this in May, before the public eye shifted to the suffering of the black community, but the energy speaks to us all. Recognize the suffering within, validate your emotions and feel them all around, practice compassion for yourself and watch authentic compassion for the suffering of the world grow, and with that, enormous Grace flows. You deserve to be here, to feel, and to grow. Sat nam.

With loving kindness,

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