Birds Speak

sun worker
bird cataloger
not worrying about
what I wanted to right down earlier
because this is write now

I am so clever
and now I remember

Are birds as bewildered by my presence,
as I am, theirs?

No matter.
I saw a yellow feathered finch looking guy and he sat
and stared
so intently
and so did I,
the same.

we turned our heads from side to side and stole glances,
and in a moment,
off he flew.

I close my eyes and listen
surrounded by songs
that the birds hear as speech
in the way that humans
can decode the subtleness of a sophisticated sound system
and maneuver articulators to construct messages,
communication traverses the trees and sounds through the skies
sweet sonority

Summer // Yi, Hee Choung // 2006

Listening to birds during this time of year is an extremely grounding practice for me. I feel blessed to share space with such brilliant creatures, their chirps and whistles ring in my ears as I find stillness and comfort. I become very still and they wonder very close to me, knowing I’m no threat and quite possibly, a friend, as I set out bird seed, water, and treats. I want my yard to be a diverse chorus of bird’s speaking.

Thank you for viewing, I hope this reminds you to look up to the skies and listen for the sonorous songs, bringing you peace and harmony.

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