shoal creek, October

Balance. I dance and stumble around and across this idea, this state of mind. My body maintains its own balance on a basic, homeostatic level of oxygen intake and atrial rhythm. If only the cortex pulsed as simply as the heart.

In my minds eye, now, I visualize myself in one of my most sacred places. Creek water trickles gently over the tops of my feet and my souls are planted on the rocky bed.

Here, my inspiration is just right- rebounding from my diaphragm upon a long exhalation. Although below the level of conscious awareness, this action sustains all life. I thank the greenery for the refreshing exchange we make in this moment.

The peaceful energy in this place rinses through the channels of my brain, flowing effortlessly. Axons take in these blissful sensations as they radiate upward, like nutrient soil feeding the roots of a tree.

Here, my inspiration is just right- from the natural silence, I speak, “My balance is good, when balance is my focus.” That simple antidote was exactly what I needed in that moment, although I am still learning what it means.

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